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May 19, 2021 2 min read

So what is BBQ, Bourbon and Barbells all about? Well, please let me introduce myself and the experience that has been carefully crafted!

My name is Mark McMillian and you may have heard my name thrown around a certain sports network before. Basically... after retiring from an eight year NFL career, I have been blessed with the platform to Coach, mentor, and work with athletes from across the country. I love helping these athletes navigate through the recruiting process, and enjoy mentoring younger kids as well - working in several group homes and detention centers.

Since retiring, I have found a great passion for cooking and grilling for my family and friends! That passion has launched the "Grillin McMillian" cooking experiences that have grown a strong following over the last couple years and have given people something to look forward to during this pandemic.

These experiences encompass a few things - one of which, is pairings! My favorite accompaniment as of late has been a nice white wine with some savory grilled chicken or salmon. Weed Cellars and Fit Vine wine are to of my go-to's when I'm looking to make a solid pairing. Fittingly, the mantra of "Earn Your Booze" naturally suits my lifestyle. As I enjoy fitness, food + fine wines.

What about my go to Bourbons during the Grillin McMillan experiences you ask? Why Four Rose (small batch), Frey Ranch Straight Rye and then some straight Bourbons of course. Including: Smoke Wagon Bourbon (located in Nevada) and Frey Ranch. I love my bourbons like I love my wines, grillin, and mentorship opportunities.
Which, sidenote, if you haven't gotten yourself have some dope BBQ, Bourbon and Barbells gear yet - make sure you pick some up!
Now, earning your booze #EYB to me is working hard at whatever your craft or occupation is and making no apologies for your success! I earn my booze by staying active as well as helping others achieve their goals through hard work, discipline, and loyalty to others.
My advice to EYB? Stay active! Keep your circle around you tight!  And always encourage others along the way! We are only as good as the family and team we surround ourselves with (and let me tell ya, this Boozy Band of EYB Brothers - and Sisters - is one family I'm stoked to be a part of and PROUDLY represent). Also, yes - I do cardio! Truly enjoy taking walks and make it a point to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking a gallon of water. Can you challenge yourself to drink a gallon a day? (Consider this a challenge fam.)
So, in a nutshell - that is what BBQ, Bourbon and Barbells is all about. The Grillin McMillan experience was crafted around the idea of earning your booze, getting good people together, and celebrating the wins along the way.

Let me finish with this:
It doesn't matter what type of job you have, make sure to always find time to work on yourself and improve your health. And always remember to Earn Your BBQ and Booze! Or wine. Or whiskey. Or whatever floats your boozy BBQ boat.

--  Mark McMillian --
Phoenix, AZ
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie

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