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December 14, 2022 4 min read

(Phoenix, AZ) November 29, 2022 – America was founded on beer. So was Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery. Earn Your Booze was founded because America loves drinking beer, which is where the concept of earning itcomes in Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery and Earn Your Booze have combined beer and fitness creating the Dead Hanger Hazy Pale Ale. Two Veteran and local owned businesses, collaborating in the name of hard work and tasty beer!

Named after the infamous dead hang, a physical fitness test done by hanging from a pull-up bar using all your strength to hang on. The Dead Hang is the ultimate test of your athletic ability. Exactly the type of exercise where you Earn Your Beer. Williams, AZ based Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery and Phoenix, AZ based Earn Your Booze understand the meaning of drink responsibly.

Drink responsibly by encouraging drinkers to earn their Dead Hanger Hazy Pale Ale by moving their bodies. 

“Our collaboration with Earn Your Booze is a great opportunity for us to share our common core values and elevate two local businesses through physical fitness and enjoying great craft beer. We have a lot of fun events and activations planned this year and encourage our friends to join us as we spread the good word about living adventurously and earning it all,” says Alexander Phillips, Director of Sales, Marketing and National Accounts, Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery.

“I believe that the best things in life are earned, including great beer, so we have teamed up with the great people at Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery to create this amazing beer that tastes like hard work and sweet rewards,” Justin Cross, CEO & Founder, Earn Your Booze.

Dead Hangar Hazy Pale Ale is a delicious mouthful of hop flavors bursting with bright tropical and stone fruit characteristics and a big punch of grapefruit!

Pick up a four pack at your local Safeway and Albertsons or a pint at valley bars and restaurants starting in January. Just in time for New Year’s resolutions of getting back into the gym!

Dead Hanger Quick Facts

ABV 6.8% / IBU 20

Style: Hazy Pale Ale

Hops: El Dorado, Idaho 7, Zamba

Availability: January – May, 2023

Featured: 1/2 Keg & 1/6 Keg, 4 Pack 16 oz Cans

“When you think of earning a reward, your mind goes to things like indulgent desserts and cheat meals, so our collaboration beer needed to be something rich bodied and full of flavor, not your everyday drinking beer. That’s how we decided to go with a Hazy Pale Ale style,” continued Phillips.

In addition to the Dead Hanger Hazy Pale Ale, several special events and activations are currently in development for 2023 including two outdoor fitness festivals, one in Phoenix and one in Flagstaff. More details to come as soon as the plans have been finalized. 

About Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery 

Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery handcrafted products are inspired by the breathtaking landscape and the adventurous lifestyle of living in Williams, Arizona. It is our passion to share and inspire you to find your own unique adventure while enjoying our beer, spirits, and ready-to-drink cocktails. The world is yours to explore so get out there and do it! 

Located in historic downtown Williams, Arizona at 301 North 7th Street, Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery is a family owned and operated craft brewery producing over a dozen craft brews each year. In 2017, Grand Canyon Brewing & Distillery began distilling craft spirits including vodka, rum, gin and whiskey. Most recently, they launched a line of ready to drink canned cocktails. 

In Williams, the smell of bubbling yeast and fresh hops fill the air as the brewing team works to create their award-winning beers. Brew tanks and stainless-steel fermenters fill the production room next to a cozy taproom with local beer, roaring fireplace, rustic décor and full-service kitchen. The Flagstaff brewpub is located just a few miles down the road and serves lunch, dinner and a side of heaping fun with a full-service bar, games and novelty merchandise. Recently, a third location was opened in Page, Arizona near Horseshoe Bend at the Grand Canyon.

For more information, visit online at

About Earn Your Booze

Earn Your Booze was forged in the brewing industry. The initial idea was to start a brewery. This was after founder and CEO Justin Cross served in the US Navy and project managed the most sophisticated aircraft ever designed. As he sailed around the world and saw his name on the side of the jet, Justin would clock in, work hard, and then, play hard when weekends rolled around.

Fitness became a part of his everyday life.

When Justin started working in a brewery he realized the alcohol industry, like most, isn’t centered around fitness & health. That’s why Earn Your Booze was created. Not to discourage drinking and playing hard on the weekends, just to add, preparing the mind and body. To Earn Your Booze.

Earn Your Booze has grown, incorporating Earning Itto all areas of life. Work hard, play hard, by Earning It. Earn Your Booze is a mindset. Earn It All is a lifestyle, the path to growth and fulfillment.

If you see us drinking the Dead Hanger Pale Ale consider it Earned.

In addition to continuing to brew beer, we also offer a monthly coaching group that helps you stay on task to live an Earn It All lifestyle and our signature 90-day Total Recreation where you will be able to transform your mind and body into Earning It All.

Justin Cross
Justin Cross

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