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March 02, 2021 2 min read

Ever woken up severely dehydrated or with a pounding headache after a few too many drinks the night before?

From EYB Global Ambassador Jeff Bradford @beer_wine_spirits

I was curious as to which chemicals in our favorite alcoholic beverages were causing those horrible consequences. Surprisingly, there is still little scientific research on this topic, and it’s not something that we fully understand.

I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what causes a hangover. Many chemicals have been identified as suspects that contribute to the symptoms. Compound Interesthad the best information about what can affect a hangover’s severity. The bottom line is that each person will have different hangover symptoms.

Age, sleep, and general health can all play a part in the severity of your hangover.

I know it seems like they get worse as each year passes. Studies have shown that most people will experience the symptoms of a hangover if they reach a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1 percent. But again, this will vary from person to person. I think we can all agree on one thing though. The more you drink (and the higher your peak blood alcohol concentration), the worse your hangover symptoms are likely to be.

When I wake up with a hangover, my first thought is that dehydration must be the reason I feel the way I do.

Alcohol does have a diuretic effect, causing frequent trips to the bathroom due to the antidiuretic hormone (ADH) vasopressin. Vasopressin causes increased water retention in the kidneys and subsequently, increases urination. Alternating glasses of water between alcoholic beverages is the best way to prevent dehydration and a possible hangover. Don’t wait until the end of the night to pound down a few glasses before bed. There is little evidence that drinking a few glasses of water after a night of drinking will help reduce the presence or severity of a hangover.


Justin Cross
Justin Cross

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