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Earn Your Booze® at DRINK Miami® (JUNE 3rd)


Earn Your Booze® is heading to Miami for DRINK Miami®! We partnered with a premier training studio, B-Fit, to organize an awesome workout for all fitness levels, followed by a social hour full of refreshing cocktails sponsored by St. Germain.

Tickets to this event are $30, which comes with a free Earn Your Booze t-shirt, a professionally led workout, St. Germain cocktails, and beer provided by J. Wakefield Brewing.

If you’re about meeting good people, getting a good sweat in, and sippin' on damn good drinks then come earn it with us!

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We are the hardest workers and biggest earners in the room.

We invest in ourselves, our businesses and our families.

We get what we want because we get $hit done and EARN EVERYTHING.

We don't apologize when we ring the bell and celebrate our victories.

We get One Life so EARN & ENJOY everything.

We are Earn Your Booze.

#EarnYourBooze @earnyourbooze


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